Food & Wine

Altomonte Parizzi Suggianzi

Great Quality wines from Calabria Biological method

Ammentos Praline Peano Sardinian Pastry

A delicious praline hazelnut and honey covered with dark chocolate from craft tradition of Sardinian pastry chefs.


The Asiago PDO is a semi-cooked cheese produced with cows' milk, having two types, Fresco - (fresh) or Pressato - (pressed), with whole milk, and Stagionato - (seasoned) or d'Allevo - (nurtured), with skimmed milk.

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena pgi superior quality

Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena PDO is balsamic vinegar characterised by its full, dark brown, shiny colour.

Barbera Oltrepò Pavese DOP Tenuta Fornace Organic Vegan

Barbera semi-sparkling red DOP Organic Vegan certified no added sulphites from Oltrepò Pavese area near Pavia in Lombardy.

Bergamot Chocolate cream

Bergamot Chocolate cream

Black Truffle

TUBER UNCINATUM CHATIN VITT: Available from October to December It belongs to the same species of summer truffle but its scent is stronger. The outside is black, while inside is light brown

Bombino & Uva di Troia

Capitolo – From Antica Cantina San Severo- Low cost – Great value

Bonarda Doc Oltrepo Pavese

The company, located within an enviable landscape, has an extent of about 32 hectares, wholly cultivated with vineyard.