Mortadella Bologna

The Mortadella Bologna PGI is a cold cut product belonging to the cooked sausage category. Pork and high-quality lardon are used for its preparation

Prosciutto di Modena

The Prosciutto di Modena PDO is a sausage product with a minimum weight of 7 kg, obtained from the pigs' legs. The pigs have to be of excellent white race.

Prosciutto di Parma

The Prosciutto di Parma PDO is a sausage product from pig thighs. A thin strip of lard or the pig's hide protects the cut of meat. The pig must be a Large White, Landrance or Duroc, be over nine months and weigh at least 145 kg.

Salame Pasqualora Dolce

Semi-seasoned and soft salami with intense and fragrant aroma, typical of the province of Palermo.

Salsiccia di Calabria

The Salsiccia di Calabria PDO is a sausage product obtained from meats minced from the shoulder and under-rib of the pig with lard and natural aromatic ingredients like salt, black pepper in grains and powder, spicy red pepper, sweet red pepper, cream of red bell peppers, wine, fennel seeds and natural aromas.

Salsiccia Lucanica

The ancient sausages from Lucania

Soppressata di Calabria

The Soppressata di Calabria PDO is a sausage product (brawn) made with meats taken from hams, from the shoulder a/o pork filets, with fats from the lard of the anterior of the loin and seasoned with black pepper, red chilli pepper, sweet red pepper, cream of red bell peppers and wine

Südtiroler Speck GGA – Speck dell’Alto Adige

The Speck dell'Alto Adige PGI is a sausage products produced with boned pig thigh, cut with or without rump